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Qilu Commercial League entered Shandong Food San

On October 9th, Shisheng Company ushered in a Qilu Business Alliance delegation and conducted a study visit to Shisheng Company.

A delegation consisting of Shandong Jindu Department Store Co., Ltd. and Shandong's major business super-enterprise companies visited Shandong Shisheng Brewing Co., Ltd. for the purpose of friendly exchange, mutual assistance and cooperation.

At the seminar, Qu Guanyun, chairman of Shisheng, introduced the history, honor, development strategy and excellent products of Shisheng Company to Qilu Shangmeng.

In addition, Chairman Qu Guanyun also explained to the guests the enzyme-producing pure soy sauce, which is a leading-edge process of physical sterilization process and imported high-resistance fresh-keeping bottles.

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